Top 3 Tips for getting a new job

Stand out from the crowd

Many clients have said they’re wanting to change jobs in the new year. As you know, this can mean a whole range of things from updating and improving your CV to finding time to search for jobs, building your social media profile and network and of course, writing effective cover notes or emails.

If you’ve got a great network then it may not be so hard for you but for most people just getting your cover note and CV seen by the right recruiter can be hard.

Here are some tips to help you save time and prepare effectively:

  • Only apply for jobs that have requirements matching your qualifications and experience – if you apply for jobs that you’re not really qualified to do the chances are you’ll get less positive responses and this can really affect your confidence.
  • Only apply for jobs that really interest you – this may mean you have fewer jobs to actually apply for but remember, you’re more likely to succeed in your interview if you’re genuinely excited about the position. So, aim to focus on “quality” not “quantity”!
  • Personalise every application and include your past achievements – avoid sending out the same version of your cover note and CV and instead, spend time making sure each application is aligned to the requirements of each position description and includes a few of your key achievements, not just your responsibilities.

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