Top Tips to help you improve your Job Search

  1. Be clear about your goals – do you know what you want to achieve from your job search? Do you have goals for each week/month/year?
  1. Be serious about searching for opportunities – replying to job ads is a good 1st step but make sure to be proactive too by attending networking activities and increasing your online profile. Keep a record of everything too!
  1. Be an active researcher – do your research and stand out from the crowd. Do you know who the recruiting manager is for the role you’re applying for?
  1. Be fully prepared – make sure you have an appropriate social media profile and voicemail message as this will help you get an interview. You should also make sure you have a suitable wardrobe so you can attend an interview anytime.
  1. Be professional by personalising every application – make sure your CV and cover letter show you have the required skills and experience for the advertised role. By showing how your skills can help the company achieve their goals your application will stand out from the crowd.