Top 3 Tips to help you study more effectively

Study more effectively

Let’s face it, when the sun’s out and everyone’s enjoying the beautiful weather it’s hard to study.

Last week many people found it difficult to get motivated to study. With lots of uni assignments due at the moment and many people spending long hours at work, it can also be hard to know what to actually do when you have time to study for your English Test.

Here are a few tips to help you use your time effectively:

Schedule time each day – you probably know when you study best so, whether it’s morning, afternoon or night time, make sure to schedule at least 15 to 30 mins everyday to improve your test score.

Use your time efficiently by having a plan – to help you get the result you need as quickly as possible, make it easier for yourself when you start studying by knowing exactly what you’re going to do in each session. On the days where you have other big commitments such as work or uni try to complete shorter tasks e.g. writing answers to speaking topics or practicing writing task plans. Then, on days where you have more free time try to spend up to 2 hours preparing for your test. This may include doing a whole practice writing, reading or listening test as well as some shorter activities too.

Get help from friends and colleagues – if you know you’ll be with English-speaking friends or colleagues at certain times each week make sure to ask them to help you with different tasks. Perhaps you could ask them to read over a writing task for you or to ask you a few questions about your hometown, favourite leisure activities etc. Don’t be afraid to ask!

To help you get started, here are some suggestions about ways you can plan your study:

15-minute activities
– Spend 10 mins listening to the radio/podcast/TV
– Write 50-75 words about what you heard and include your opinion on the topic
– Check your writing for grammar/spelling mistakes

– Spend 10 mins reading any book/magazine of your choice
– Write a short summary about what you read and include your opinion

– Spend 5 mins writing a Task 1 plan
– Spend 10 mins writing a Task 2 Essay plan

– Spend 5 mins writing answers to 2 speaking questions
– Record yourself on your phone answering these questions and see if you can hear any mistakes
– Record yourself answering the question “Tell me about where you grew up” and see if you can hear any mistakes

Good luck!

P.S. If you’ve got any other great study tips, please pass them on.