Present the BEST version of you!

Find out how to present the best version of you!

These days you need more than just a good CV and cover letter to get the job you want.

Here are a few tips to help you get the job you want more quickly:

  1. Check your social media profile – what does it say about you to people who’ve never met you before? Does it reflect you in a professional and consistent way?
  2. Remember that how you present yourself on the phone to a recruiter or a potential employer will affect whether they look at your cover letter and CV – do you sound confident on the phone, do you ask relevant and appropriate questions?
  3. Does your cover letter make them want to read your CV? –  if you tell your whole life story in your cover letter the chances are that your CV will not even get opened or read. Keep your cover letter short and make sure it clearly explains how your background and experience matches the position description.
  4. Make sure to have someone else check your CV – it needs to be easy to read, have no spelling or grammar mistakes and should show the responsibilities and achievements in each of your previous jobs.
  5. Talk to your referees – make sure the people you’ve chosen as referees say the most appropriate things about you by having a chat with them before you need them. Tell them about the jobs you’ve applied for,  remind them of the role you did when you worked together, discuss your key strengths/areas of development and why you left the company. A bit of a reminder never hurts!

Good luck!