Looking for a new job?

Looking for a new job?

No matter how happy you are in your job there will come a time when you’ll need to start thinking about your next job search.

Maybe you’ve already applied for some jobs and not had the responses you were hoping for…

That’s why you should think about how other people view your CV.

As you begin to look for a new job and market yourself to people who may or may not already know you, it’s important to be clear about how you present and discuss your past achievements. For most people, how you’ve performed in the past gives an insight into what you may achieve in the future.

Take a look at your CV.

Does your Profile describe who you are, what you offer and how your background/experience matches the position?

Is your CV just a long list of responsibilities in each of your jobs or does it also include your achievements?

A common mistake that people make on their CV’s is to focus on what they were supposed to do in each job, not what they achieved. To give yourself a better chance of getting the job you want make sure to include more achievements on your CV.

You can get started by thinking about your life and career to date.

Write down your top three achievements, when these occurred and why you think they’re important. Then, use these notes to develop some sentences to sum up your achievements. Start by thinking about the core concept e.g. sales. Try to use an action verb to describe more about what you did e.g. increased, designed, delivered, implemented etc. Finally, describe the outcomes of your actions and quantify the result.

To make this clearer, here’s an example: Through better planning I reduced costs by 20% which improved customer satisfaction by 45%.

Ideally, you should have 2-3 achievements listed for each of the roles you include in your CV.

Hope you have a great Easter break and enjoy some well-deserved rest!