Improve your English writing in 7 days!


Do you really want to improve your English writing? Here’s a great opportunity for you.

Every day this week you’ll see a different image and have the chance to take some time to write about it. Here are some quick tips to help you get started:

  • Look at the picture for 2-3 seconds and then write down any words or ideas that come to mind.
  • You may want to think about:
    • What – what does the image show/represent?
    • Why – why do you think it’s important or worth writing?
    • Where – where do you think it could be?
    • When – when do you think the picture was taken?
    • Who – who’s in the image?
    • So what..? – why should anyone else be interested in the image?
  • Try to spend 5-10 minutes writing a short paragraph about the image.
  • Read what you’ve written out loud.
  • Can you hear any pronunciation or grammar mistakes?
  • Are there any words that you think you need to change?
  • Is there a more appropriate word or phrase you could use to make your writing more accurate?

Have fun writing & please share any images that you think others may enjoy!

See you soon