Top 3 Tips to help you improve your Interview Preparation

  1. Do your research – whether you’ve got a day or a week to prepare for your interview you should still try to find out as much about the company as you can beforehand
  • What does the company do?
  • Who works there?
  • Have they appeared in the media? Why?
  1. Prepare some answers – to help the interview flow smoothly look at sample interview questions and think about specific questions relating to the role/company that you think you could get asked. Think about questions you don’t want to be asked. Make a list of all of these and try to write some answers. Do you need to improve them?
  1. Practice Often – as you won’t have much time to impress the interviewer(s) you need to be the best version of “you” from the start. Make sure to spend time beforehand practicing saying aloud the answers to the questions you’ve prepared. You may want to record yourself and then play it back. Do you sound confident and convincing? Can you do anything more to improve?
  1. Know your CV– This may sound surprising, but many people don’t know how to turn their CV into a story, make sure you can. That means that your CV isn’t just a list of jobs you’ve done, but instead it’s a series of challenges, successes and disappointments that have made you who you are.