Positive aspects of holidays (personal)
• chance to unwind
• spend quality time with family / friends
• get away from work / stressful environment
• have a change of routine / scenery
• visit new places / experience new things / cultures
• broaden your horizons
• visit family or friends abroad
Positive aspects of holidays (commercial)
• creates new jobs in the tourism industry
• attracts media attention to the resort
• ensures a good level of infrastructure
• improves services for local residents
• provides revenue to protect /maintain local heritage
Negative aspects of holidays (personal)
• loss of earnings (if self-employed)
• can be stressful (to be out of your comfort zone)
• can be difficult to cope in foreign country / unfamiliar place
• may encounter travel problems (plane/train delays /traffic jams)
• may not have access to health facilities
• may lose your luggage
• may not be able to speak the local language
Negative aspects of holidays (commercial)
• can cause overcrowding
• tourists may not respect local customs/traditions
• can cause excess litter/noise
• may cause damage to local environment
• the area can become too built-up due to the increase in hotels/shops etc
• may cause increase in prices of local services and goods