Cinema (advantages)
• the thrill of watching something on the big-screen
• more exciting/intense atmosphere
• big screen really brings the characters to life
• able to appreciate the cinematography
• can enjoy a night out with friends
• the excitement of watching a premiere screening
Watching TV (advanatges)
• can sit in the comfort of your own home
• can choose what you want to watch
• can flick through the channels
• can invite your friends around
• can watch a variety of programmes
• can switch it off if you get bored
• social responsibility to make educational/informative films
• good media for reaching wide audiences
• has a high impact on the public
• can get worldwide recognition
• can deliver social messages
• can bring widespread attention to social/world problems
Technology & Entertainment (examples)
• online gaming / games / gambling
• downloading films / videos (YouTube)
• downloading music (iTunes)
• computer game consoles (PlayStation / Wii)
• social networking (Facebook / Twitter)