What People say about us

Everyday English

“After taking the Speak English More Fluently course, I can correct myself more when i’m speaking in English. Also, I can talk more easily about a lot of different topics. “

German, Architect (Colombia)

“Wow, your review and editing of my Masters assessment was so good. Thank you!”

Monica, Musician (China)

“Thank you so much, I am now back in Colombia but I have the best memories from the classes I had with you.”

Maria, Lawyer (Colombia)

“I can’t wait to continue my classes after I finish my exams. You are the best teacher I ever had.”

Mili, Customer Service (Colombia)

“You always correct my mistakes and I feel so good when I talk to you. Thanks for all your support.”

Jia, Sports Scientist (China)

“I got the job! I’m SO happy! Thank you so much for helping me with my Casual CV and interview preparation.”

Tania, Marketing Manager (Mexico)

English Test Preparation

“The Writing Masterclass was intense but it told me everything I needed to know and was easy to follow. What’s better is that I got the results I needed! Well, actually I did much better than I thought for speaking and writing. Thank you!!”

Andrea, Medical Scientist (Venezuela)

“I just want to let you know that I got my 8.0 in IELTS! L8, R8, W8 and S7.5. Thanks for all your help and support!!!”

Charlie, Accountant (Vietnam)

“I did my test last Saturday and I got the scores I needed – 8.0 in listening, 7.5 in reading and 7.0 in writing & speaking. I wanted to thank you for all your help and support!!!”

Johanna, Engineer (Colombia)

“Thank you so much. You were an angel sent by heaven. I feel like I wrote Task 2 with my eyes closed and for the first time ever I finished the exam! Thanks!”

Roseline, Nurse (Zimbabwe)

“Thanks so much, I got 7 in every band. Your help was really worth it!”

Jaime, Accountant (Colombia)

“You gave great advice, especially about how I should manage my time in the IELTS General Test. Thank you very much.”

Cecile, Teacher (France)

 “Thank you! I got the scores I needed. I couldn’t have passed IELTS first time without you.”

Jorge, IT Helpdesk Manager (Colombia)

“I could’ve read hundreds of pages from different books and still have had no idea how to actually get the scores I needed. Thanks, you helped me so much.”

Sami, Social Worker (Sri Lanka)

“Thank you! Your method is excellent. You give clear and simple explanations and your classes are extraordinary. Please know I will recommend you to all my contacts.”

Andrea, Researcher (Venezuela)

Succeed in Your Career

“Thank you for the help that you offered me rewriting my resume. Today is my first day in an Australian organization as a Social Media Marketing Intern and I can´t be happier. The new resume was crucial to helping me to find this opportunity.”

Carolina, Social Media Marketer (Argentina)

“I think my improved CV and Cover Letter look great, thank you for your dedication.”

Nancy, Food Technologist (Argentina)

“Thanks for your quick response, it is really amazing the job you did, I’m impressed. I love the resumes!”

Paula, Accountant (Argentina)

“Thank you so much for your help with my CV and Cover Letter. It looks much much better than what it was!”

Subash, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Sri Lanka)

I have done the job application. I am really happy with the documents, thanks a lot for your help and how quickly you did it.

Andres, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Colombia)

 “I love the cover letter and the changes made to the CV… my jaw dropped when I read the cover letter. I can’t thank you enough.”   

Mageda, Credit Analyst (Australia)

“You did a very good job! Thank you! I have had my CV for years without knowing how to improve it. Now, it looks much better, thanks again!”  

Cecile, Teacher (France)

“The CV and cover letter are awesome. Again, thank you very much for your help.” 

Eduardo, Civil Engineer (Argentina)

“I want to tell you that today is my 1st day working for ANZ as a Forensics Manager. You were an important person in my recruitment process. Thank you very much!”

 Victor, Forensic Analyst (Colombia)

“My CV is really good now. Also, I think the cover letter is good and much easier to read.” 

Andrea, Administrator (Colombia)

“The job is mine! There are no words to describe how happy I am right now. Thank you! Without your help I don’t think I could’ve got it.” 

Renata, Engineer (Brazil)

You really are amazing, I cannot express enough how much I appreciate your professional quality service and the standard in which your work is delivered is incredible, thank you.” 

Sonya, Aquatics Manager (Australia)

“I GOT IT!!! Thank you so much for all your help preparing me for my individual and group assessment. I seriously can’t thank you enough”

Rwida, Paramedic (Australia)

Looks great, I love the resume format. You conducted some research too..thanks!”

Jason, Project Manager (Australia)

“I just reviewed my new CV and cover letter. It’s great! Thank you so much for rushing it through. I am really happy with it.”

Lorenna, Administrator (Brazil)

“The interview went really well!! I said almost everything that I prepared with you and I felt confident and fluent! Thank you so much for all your support and for being my coach!”

Daniela, Lawyer (Colombia)

Business English

“Thanks for editing and correcting the English for our new education app. Your work is excellent and very quick.”

Olivia, China

 “Thanks for being so patient with me. I appreciate all your translation help and writing support.”

Beatrice, Canada

“Thanks so much for your help proofreading and editing my EA Career episodes. All the advice you’ve given me has been great and I really appreciate it!

Johana, Brazil

“Thank you so much for your support with reviewing and correcting my documents. I have already checked them and am very happy with all your corrections.”

Eduardo, Colombia