Quick Tips to help you find a job

Yes, it’s definitely a difficult time to be looking for a job but here are some quick tips to help you feel confident that you’re doing everything you possibly can.

Are you clear about your goals?

  • Do you know all the different types of jobs you can and are willing to do? Have you made a list of these?
  • Have you setup an online search (e.g. on Seek) with all of the different categories and position names?
  • Do you know exactly how much you need to earn?


  • Write a list of your expenses and any debts you have to pay as this will help you work out how much you need to earn.
  • Look at your CV and think about what key skills and experience you have. Then, look on Seek and identify the different job categories that apply to you or, are of interest to you. Read each of the position types within each category and scan the jobs advertised. If anything sounds of interest, look at the position description and identify what skills and experience they require. Do you have what they’re looking for?  Does the pay/salary on offer match with your requirements? This can be a quick and easy way to learn more about what skills and experience are important for different types of jobs.

Are you actively and constantly searching for opportunities?

  • Have you setup a healthy daily routine which includes time to get into a positive mindset, time to search for new opportunities and scan position descriptions, time to personalise every application, time to contact recruiters/employers and time for self-care and self-improvement?


  • Create a daily plan and think about the best time to do each activity, how long each should take and when you will take breaks.
  • Take time to move each day and to share how you’re feeling with a friend or family member.
  • Set yourself a personal goal e.g. to eat well, get enough rest, complete a short yoga practice, colour a picture to help you relax or simply, prepare your daily plan for the following day so you can wake up every day with a real sense of purpose.
  • Receive a FREE 10-min online chat to discuss your job search.

Are you fully prepared?

  • Do you know how your background, skills and experience fit with the company’s goals and the specific role you’re applying for?
  • Do you have an appropriate CV, Cover letter and social media profile?
  • Do you feel confident to attend a phone or video interview?
  • Do you have a way of keeping track of every application you send and every recruiter/employer you communicate with?
  • Do you have a friend/family member or professional to help give you support?


  • Send your current CV to: freereview@gettingahead.com.au for a free review.
  • Prepare a spreadsheet or document to help you keep a record of the name of each recruiter or employer you’ve spoken to, the position you’ve applied for, the date you’ve sent each job application and any feedback you’ve received.

Are you presenting the BEST version of you in every application?

  • Do you have a CV for each type of job you can do that shows you have the skills that are required in the position description?
  • Have you prepared a cover letter or email that quickly shows how your background, skills and experience can help them achieve their goals?


What changes can you make today to make tomorrow even better?

Good luck and stay well!

Laura x