Pick up the phone and make the call!


This morning I received a call from my client, Sarah, an experienced sports centre manager. She had been interested in applying for two different roles at a large health & wellness company but she wasn’t sure which position to apply for.

My advice to her was to pick up the phone and try to have a conversation with the recruiting manager. By doing that, she could find out more about the roles and learn how her background, skills and experience could fit.

At first, she was afraid to make the call but after she did it, she was given a time to speak to someone yesterday.

During her conversation, she learned lots more about both roles and realised that the position she thought was more senior was actually not.

She found out exactly what the recruiting manager wanted to see in her application, which was not clearly stated on the company’s website.

He was interested in knowing about her personal story, how she’d got to where she is now, not just her strengths and skills. Then, at the end of their conversation, she realised she’d actually been talking to the General Manager, not just someone in the HR department!

She was surprised but excited as she knew the company really did live up to its values of identifying top talent and being community-focused, not just profit driven.

I asked her why she had felt worried about making the call and she told me, “I didn’t think anyone did that these days and, I just didn’t have the courage.”

So, if you’re looking for a new job and have seen a position advertised that looks of interest, give it a go…pick up the phone and introduce yourself to the recruiter or company and just have an initial conversation, the worst they can do is say no​. If you’re just too nervous, try sending an email to the person instead and ask if you arrange a time for a quick chat. Good luck!

Have a great weekend.


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