Need some tips on how to get the job you want more quickly?

“I learned more than I expected, especially how to improve my CV and key points about the face-to-face interview”  Dani, Engineer

If you missed our recent ‘Meet a Recruiter’ workshop which we held with Selection Partners, here are some tips to help you improve your CV and job search.

  1. Make it easy for a recruiter/company to see what makes you suitable for the role – include a bulleted section on your first page which describes the specific skills you have that make you suitable for the position you’re applying for. Remember, people may only spend 20-30 seconds looking at your CV!
  2. Update your online profile regularly – make sure to refresh your Seek Talent profile every 2 weeks, always include a photo on your LinkedIn profile, include any local experience and get comments from referees.
  3. Write your own marketing plan – start by identifying companies where you want to work, use LinkedIn to help you locate people in your network and then, tell the person why you want to work at their company and ask if you can buy them a coffee. Most people will want to help you, if they can!
  4. Know what the person interviewing you is really thinking – can this person really do the job? Does this person really want to do the job? Will this person work well in my team? Do I like this person? Can I afford this person?
  5. Know what counts in interviews – always do your research before the interview and keep your notes out during the interview. Dress professionally, arrive on time, be personable, have a firm handshake and show positive body language. Also, don’t forget to send a follow-up email to the recruiter/company to thank them for taking time to meet you!
  6. Practice telling your success stories – make sure to clearly link your previous successes to the position description for the job you’re being interviewed for. Be prepared to share your success stories by confidently describing the situation, your thinking, the action you took and the results you achieved.
  7. Prepare answers to basic interview questions – when you’re asked to run through your background, start by describing where you come from and then briefly describe your employment history making sure to point out when you got “promoted” or “recognised” etc. To help build a relationship with the recruiter/interviewer, you can ask them if they’ve ever been to your country! When you’re asked about your strengths, always link these to the requirements of the position description. When they ask about your weaknesses, mention that you’re from overseas and have little or no local experience.
  8. Show that you’re serious about achieving success – if you know that you don’t have all the required skills listed in the position description, tell the interviewer what you’re doing to build/gain those skills.
  9. Ask questions that make you memorable – if you want the interviewer to remember you, ask questions that others don’t and that give you some immediate feedback. You could ask, “Do you see me being successful in this role?” or “Have you ever hired someone from Colombia/Iran/China before?”
  10. Practice, practice, practice – make sure you can be the best you can be by taking time to practice your answers to basic interview questions.

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