Need help finding a casual job?

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak to a new group of amazing professionals who have all come to study and work in Australia. They wanted to learn how to create a CV to find casual work more quickly.

Are you looking for a casual job to get some extra money? If you are, I hope you find these tips helpful.

  • Remember, your CV is a marketing tool so it needs to represent the BEST version of you.
  • Most people don’t even spend a minute looking at your CV so make it easy to read, with no English spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • If you have many names just include a first name and last name on your CV as this will make it easier for the person to call you.
  • You don’t need to include your full street address underneath your name. You can just put the suburb where you live or even just your name, phone number and email address.
  • List the key skills you have that relate to the job and include these in the first 1/3 of your 1st page – e.g. customer service, teamwork etc.
  • Your educational qualifications can go below your Professional Experience.
  • Do not add names and contact details for each of your References. If the employer wants to speak to one of them then they will ask you for these details.
  • Make sure to include details about your availability including days and times.

Finally, make sure that you feel confident presenting yourself, when you are looking for a job. If you want to work in hospitality or retail, then you should feel confident when you walk into the shop or café to apply for a job.

You may want to say, “Hi, my name is XXXX, and I am looking for a casual/part-time job to work as a waitress/kitchen hand. Do you have any opportunities available? Can I leave my CV for you to review?”

Good luck!

P.S. If you want a free CV Review or a practice interview, get in touch.