Give it a go and ask the question…people will help you if they can.

Hi there! How’s your week been?

This week, a few people I know through my local soccer club asked if other members could help them in finding work. Like so many others, they’ve lost their jobs and have no idea what to do to next.

The fact is that most people don’t like to ask for help from others, but in reality, as humans we tend to want to help each other. So, if you need help with something, why not ask?

Yes, it can be scary, and you might get rejected, but if you don’t try you won’t know and you’ll be worse off because you’re not even giving opportunity (and other people) the chance.

People recognise it takes strength to ask for help and this means that if they can help they usually will. It may be that they simply take time to have a quick chat with you about your situation. While this might not seem like a lot it can help you feel more clear about your next steps. It might also mean that they connect you to people in their networks, or help you realise that you have transferable skills that could be used in a way that you hadn’t thought of. Alternatively, it could lead directly to a new job, but if you don’t try you’ll never know.

If you feel that you don’t have a wide network to tap into, think about any clubs or groups that you are part of. The people you know through these may be looking for extra help and most people prefer to hire someone they know than someone they don’t.

So, give it a go and ask the question…remember, most people will help you if they can.

Also, here are some questions I’ve been helping clients with this week:

  • Should I accept a job that’s offering a much lower salary than what I was earning before?
  • I have many different skills so there are many types of jobs I could do. How can I decide what to focus on and what jobs to apply for?
  • Should I apply for more junior roles?
  • I know that there are hundreds of people applying for every single job at the moment. How can I make myself stand out?   
  • Some people say the jobs that are advertised are not really available. Is that true? Should I send my CV?

If you have questions that you want to chat about or, you need some job advice, feel free to get in touch.

Stay warm and stay safe this weekend!