Create your CV to get a response!

Would you go to an interview…
– Without checking your hair?
– With your shirt hanging out?
– With food in your teeth?

If you’re serious about getting the job you want, the chances are you’ve answered NO to all of these ridiculous questions.
The reason why is simple: you want to appear as professional as possible as you know that first impressions count!
So, what’s different with your CV and cover letter?
Last week, a couple of recruiting managers told me how frustrated they were reading CVs and cover letters that were so poorly written and presented.
Knowing this gives you a great advantage. It means that if your cover letter and CV not only look great but also show how your background, skills & experience match the job description then your chance of getting an interview is much higher.
Invest in yourself and feel confident when you next send off your CV.

Have a great week and chat soon!


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