Step 9 – Build your network

When you’re looking for a new job you need to consider both the jobs you see advertised as well as the jobs available on the hidden job market. This means you need to spend time building your profile within the industry, both online and offline.

Before connecting with anyone, be clear about why you’re contacting a person and what you want from them. For example, don’t just tell them that you’re looking for a job. Instead, tell them about a recent project or course you’ve completed and how you think you could help them.  

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Identify your current industry contacts and make sure to connect with them through LinkedIn or by picking up the phone and having a quick chat. It’s always a good idea to connect with old colleagues and contacts to build your relationship and remind them of your strengths/expertise. They may know of people or organisations looking for your skills.
  • Research individuals you admire within your professional sector or who inspire you. Look at what they’ve done and how they present themselves. Is there anything you can learn from them or are there improvements you can make to your online profile?
  • Identify relevant student/professional organisations related to your profession – think about how you want to get involved and what benefit they could offer you. Consider signing up to their newsletters & events, ask to volunteer at an event or even become part of a Committee. This can be a quick and effective way to meet new people within your industry sector, build your confidence and improve your reputation. 
  • Use MeetUp and LinkedIn to attend networking events and build/develop your network.
  • Complete your Network Builder to keep track of what you’re doing to help you become more well-known in your industry.

If you’re having trouble getting known in the industry or want to discuss ways to build your profile, make sure to discuss this in the daily call.