Step 8 – Create your processes

Make sure that you start the way you mean to go on by being professional and well-organised throughout your job search process. This will help you to feel more confident when you speak to recruiters/employers or anyone in your growing network.

These are some documents/templates that you may want to use to help you during your job search:

Daily Planner – to make sure you can be as productive as possible during your job search, try using this daily planner. It can help you stay positive, healthy and motivated when you may be finding life a bit tough.

Email Templates – to make sure you can always send messages quickly that are 100% accurate and professional, it can be helpful to have some templates for each type of message. You may use these when you’re making enquiries about positions, applying for positions, thanking people for interviews or requesting feedback after interviews.

Referee Guide  – when you apply for a new job you should be clear about who you will ask to act as a referee for you. Before you send your job application, it’s a good idea to get in contact with this person or even a few individuals and discuss/agree some important details. It may include:

  • what you did when you worked together e.g. specific projects you worked on or tasks you completed
  • your key achievements
  • dates you worked together
  • the reason you left.

Job Seeker Journal – looking for a job is a process and having a way to manage your learnings, emotions, ideas and much more is important. A journal is one way that can help you stay strong and positive during the job search journey. It can also be great to look back at once you’ve found a new job.

If for any reason you begin to feel that your job is not what you expected, it can be helpful to look at what you had expected and why you chose to accept the job in the first place. Perhaps your goals have shifted or your thinking has changed? You can use any notebook or diary for your Job Seeker Journal.