Step 6 – Improve your personal brand

To make sure that you have the best chance of success you should always present the best version of yourself and have a personal brand that is consistent and professional. Make sure you have a professional image both online and offline. This includes having a professional email address, a professional sounding voicemail message, a professional phone manner and social media profile. Remember, recruiters will always check you out online!

Here are some tips to help:

Phone Manner

  • Make sure to speak using a strong and clear voice. You want to sound friendly and confident.
  • Don’t forget that when you call someone, it’s a good idea to introduce yourself clearly and then ask if it’s a good time to speak. You may say, “Hi Sarah, my name is Laura Barclay and I’m interested in the Business Development Manager position that’s advertised on Seek. I’ve got 3+ years’ experience in a similar role but I’ve got a few questions about this position. Do you have time now for a quick chat?”
  • When you are making a phone call, always know what you’re going to say to the person and practice beforehand. You may find it helpful to record yourself and listen to the recording. Also, think about the questions you may get asked and practice how you may respond. Remember that most people speak more quickly when they’re feeling nervous and this can make it hard for the other person to understand. If you’ve got an accent this can make it even more tricky. Try to speak at a good, slow pace and this will give you more time to think more clearly about what you’re saying too.
  • Once you’ve started your job search and started to apply for jobs, you need to be prepared to receive phone calls anytime. This means when you answer your phone you must sound professional, interested in what the person’s saying and respond clearly and fully to the questions you’re asked.


  • Make sure to record a professional voicemail message which includes your name. For example, “Hi, this is Laura Barclay. Please leave your name and number and I’ll return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.”
  • Always respond to voicemail messages within 24hrs. When you call back you can say, “Hi, this is Laura Barclay. You called earlier today and left me a message. I just wanted to get back to you as quickly as possible.”


  • Make sure to use a professional email address and signature when applying for jobs e.g. yourname@gmail or outlook.

LinkedIn Profile/Messaging/Connections

  • Make sure your LinkedIn Profile is professional and includes a neutral, professional headshot, an updated headline with key words related to your studies/industry and related to your next role and a summary that speaks to the job you want in your next role and key achievements. Your information should be consistent with what’s on your CV and should include key words that match the profile of a job you want. Include events you attend, certificates of any professional development and written recommendations from former employers, if possible.
  • Make sure to have a reason to connect to someone and always try to write a personal message explaining why you want to connect. Your English must be 100% accurate and professional. If you need to, ask someone to check these messages.

If you want to practice any of these conversations or get more advice, make sure to get in touch.