Step 4 – Prepare for Interviews

As soon as you have prepared your Casual CV and Cover Letter and started to apply for jobs, you should be ready to receive phone calls from potential employers who want to do a phone interview or invite you to attend an interview or trial shift.

To help you feel well-prepared and confident, it’s always a good idea to write some answers to these common questions. You can practice saying these out loud or, you can record yourself and think about if you want to improve any of your answers.

Common interview questions are:

  • What are you doing at the moment? What are you doing currently?
    • I just arrived in Australia from XX and am studying XXX part time. I want to get some local casual work experience.
    • I am looking to return to the workforce after taking a career break to look after my family.
  • Why does this job interest you?
    • I have worked in my country doing similar jobs and I want to get some experience working in Australia.
    • I am passionate about XXXX and want to get some local work experience to help improve my English.
  • What skills can you bring to this position?
    • Make sure to look at the Position Description – say the skills they are looking for!
    • I have a positive attitude and excellent customer service skills, I work well in a team or on my own and I can solve problems quickly.
  • How much experience do you have doing XXX?
    • I have worked in XX in my country for about X years.
    • I don’t have any/much experience but I am a quick learner and can take and follow instructions.
  • What’s your notice period? or When are you available to start?
    • I’m available immediately.
    • I have 2 days’ notice but I can work from Monday.
  • What is your salary expectation?
    • I’m looking for $30 to $35 per hour. You should do some research to find out what’s an appropriate rate.
  • Are you available to work nights/weekends/public holidays?
    • Yes, I can work anytime.
    • I’m available to work on weekends and public holidays until 10pm.
  • Do you have your own car/vehicle?
    • No, I don’t have my own car but I have a valid driver’s licence.
    • Yes, I do.