Step 4 – Create your personal Job Search Strategy

To be successful in finding a job that meets your requirements and goals, you should start by creating your Personal Job Search Strategy. This can help you become clear about what job you’re seeking, why you’re looking for this specific type of role and also, help you feel more confident when you need to introduce yourself to potential recruiters or employers.

If you currently have the qualifications and skills for the jobs you want, the next step is to make sure you have all the tools you need to stay on track every day during your job search. You need to feel confident every time you apply for a new position and to do this, you need to feel that your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn present you in the most professional way.

If you don’t currently have the qualifications, skills or experience required to apply for the jobs you want, this is the time to identify what action you need to take, any costs involved and set a timeline that will help you keep moving forward.
If you’ve got questions about your job search strategy you can ask these during the daily call or organise an extra 1:1 online 15-min consult.