Step 3 – Set your job search goals and identify suitable positions

Now that you have a better understanding of what you offer and what you’re looking for to develop your career, you need to learn how to identify positions that will allow you to be successful in your job search. To get started, download the document below. Then, as you begin to look for roles that interest you and meet your criteria, make sure to add the relevant details into this document. Take time to think about how each position will meet your goals. If you find many roles, try to put them into your order of preference.

After you have started putting a few positions that interest you into this spreadsheet, look again at the skills you have that meet the criteria in the Position Description. Try to think about relevant examples of situations you’ve been in at work where you’ve demonstrated each skill. Take time to write a few sentences about the situation, what you did, what impact this had and what you learned from this. If you receive a phone interview after sending your application it can be helpful to have done this preparation.