Step 3 – Create your Casual Cover Letter

For some Casual jobs you will also need to create a short 1-page Cover Letter that shows the employer you have the background, skills and experience required to do the job.

Your Cover Letter should always include:

– A sentence to explain why you are interested in the position

– A sentence or some bullet points to explain why you are a suitable candidate (based on the position description in the job advertisement)

– A sentence about your availability and eligibility to work in Australia.

Remember, your goal is to create a Cover Letter that will make the person want to read your CV.

Quick Tip: Never write a long cover letter and CV that tells your whole life story!




Let’s create your Casual Cover Letter in 5 simple steps!

Look at the Casual Cover Letter Example below and notice the 5 different sections.

You can clearly see that your Casual Cover Letter should have 5 sections. These are:

  1. Name, Contact Information and Availability
  2. Date and Name of Position including the Company Name
  3. Introductory Paragraph – why you’re interested in the position
  4. Body of Letter – what knowledge/skills/experience you have and how you meet the required criteria
  5. Closure


To get started, your 1-page Casual Cover Letter must have your contact information and availability displayed in a similar way to your Casual CV. Make sure to use large enough font to make it easy for the person to read these details!


Write the date on the right of the letter, using the format shown. Then, include the Position Name on the left, any Job Reference number and the Company Name. If you want, you can add the location too.


You should always start your Introductory paragraph using “Dear Recruiting Manager,” unless the Position Description includes the name of the person to write to.

Then, you should write a short sentence to explain why you are interested in the position and why you want to join the company.


In this section you should clearly show all your skills/knowledge or experience that match what is required in the Position Description. Use bullet points to help make it quick and easy for the reader. Make sure to include details about your previous work experience, any relevant training or qualifications you have, any tech or language skills you have or any other soft skills that are considered important to be successful. You should then include a short paragraph to explain that you are attaching your CV and restate your eligibility to work in Australia and your availability. This makes it easy for them to want to hire you!


Make sure to end your letter appropriately using “Yours sincerely,” to show that you are a true professional. You can also include your name underneath.

Once you have completed these steps and prepared the content for your Casual Cover Letter, you can present it in any format you like. Remember, if you want to get a casual job quickly, then your goal should be to make it easy for the employer to find the important information quickly.

Good luck!