Step 10 – Achieve success

Your big day has arrived, you have received a verbal job offer. Many congratulations!

When you receive a phone call with a job offer it can feel quite overwhelming. To be prepared for this moment, it’s a good idea to know what questions to ask, how to discuss personal issues/requirements and handle negotiations effectively.

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Listen carefully and take notes, if possible.
  • Ask when they will send an email and/or contract for you to review.
  • DO NOT resign from your current role until the contract is signed and your new employer.
  • Make sure to start the way you mean to go on and feel free to make requests or ask for working arrangements that suit you and your needs. The worst they can say is “No!”
  • If they agree in principle to your personal request but at a later time, agree on a specific timeframe and process to review the request.
  • Make sure to have a discussion about expectations so you know exactly what they expect and by when.
  • After both sides have signed the contract and you have agreed a start date, send emails/messages to anyone who has assisted you during your job search process including referees. Where possible, call people in your network who have supported you and let them know your good news.
  • Prepare your LinkedIn post for your 1st day in your new job.
  • Organise a celebration for yourself! You’ve worked hard and deserve success. Read your Job Seeker Journal to remind yourself of how you felt at the start of the job search process and recognise how much you’ve learned and developed.

When you need to resign:

  • Schedule a time to have a chat with your manager. Where possible, try to resign in person not by phone or email. Refer to Email Templates.
  • Have a brief letter of resignation prepared to hand to your manager or send electronically.
  • Remember to thank them for their support and guidance. You never know when or where your paths will cross in the future.
  • Agree on your last day, any handover activity and communications to the wider team/clients.