Practice Test 1 – AC Intensive

To help you learn how to improve your score, it is important that you complete the IELTS Academic Practice Test 1 below in no more than 60 minutes. Please use pencil if you plan to take the normal test or, type your response if you plan to take the computer-delivered test. Do not continue if your time is up and you’ve not yet finished. It is important we can see how much you are able to write within the time-period. If you write a plan, please make sure to show this too.

DO NOT read the tasks below until you are ready to start your Practice Test 1!

Task 1

You should write 150 words.

Task 2

In some countries, young people from the countryside are moving to larger towns and cities while older people are staying in the countryside. What problems might this cause? What solutions can help to resolve this issue?

Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write 250 words.

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