Practice presenting yourself for a casual job

If you’ve prepared your CV and feel ready to go out and start looking for a job, it’s important to take some time to practice how you’re going to present yourself . First impressions count!

To find a job quickly, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand about which cafes/shops are hiring and what they’re looking for. Also, it’s important to take time to practice the sentences below as they can help to quickly explain what you’re looking for.

Here are different ways to present yourself for a casual job:

“Hi, my name is ….., and I’m looking for a part-time / casual job.”

“Do you have any casual opportunities available?”

“Are you looking for any sales staff / a kitchen hand / any waitstaff?”

“I have previous experience working as a waiter/waitress.”

“I have overseas / local experience working as a kitchen hand.”

“I have previous retail experience and would like to work as a sales assistant”

“I’m available to start work immediately.”

“I’m available everyday from 3pm.”

“I live nearby so I can work late shifts.”

“Can I leave my CV for you / the manager to review?”

Want to improve your pronunciation? You can listen to the sentences here:

Presenting yourself for a casual job

Remember, in Australia working in hospitality is a profession. This means that if you don’t have previous experience working in a restaurant, the quickest way to get a casual job is to start by looking for work as a kitchen hand or in a small cafe. You will quickly learn and be given more opportunities.

Good luck!