Learn what you can do if you’re not getting any interviews

If you’ve been applying for lots of jobs and still haven’t had any positive responses, you’re probably feeling confused, frustrated or upset. Take some time to think about how you’re conducting your job search and if there’s anything you can change that could lead to a better result.

Here are some quick tips to help you:

  1. Are you applying for the right jobs?  Do you have all or most of the required qualifications, skills and experience that is included in the position description?
  2. Do you need to review your cover letter and CV?
    • Does it position you for the type of role you’re applying for?
    • Does the CV Profile differentiate you from other candidates?
    • Does the person reading it have a clear idea about the scope, context and size of each of your previous roles (not just duties)?
    • Do you have achievements for your previous roles?
  3. Are you applying for jobs during a holiday period, when most recruiting managers are on holiday?

What does your CV and Cover Letter do for the reader:

  • Are your Cover Letter and CV easy to read?
  • Do they contain a few little mistakes or do they make the reader want to trust you?


  • Remember your CV is your marketing document, make sure it’s working for you
  • Make sure it’s aligned to your career goals
  • Review what’s in it and get it checked by someone else
  • Only apply for jobs that you REALLY want and align with your career goals
  • Be prepared for your interview by practising how to respond to commonly asked questions