Learn how recruiters work and how to get their attention

If you want to get a job quickly in Australia, it helps if you understand how most recruiters work.

To start with, you should know that recruiters are sales-driven and are paid when they achieve results for their clients, not their candidates. This means they are more focused on filling roles they currently have open rather than responding to people with general skills.

Many of the larger recruitment companies are structured according to the types of clients and candidates they work with. They may be divided into teams who recruit sector specific roles e.g. IT/Legal/Sales and Marketing and within these teams there may be consultants who handle specific industries e.g. Finance/Government/Consumer etc. There are also smaller recruitment companies that specialise in specific industry sectors. If your skills are very specific you may find you have more success applying for positions through these types of smaller, more boutique recruitment companies.

When you contact a recruitment company, it is best to know exactly why you are calling and what you want to get from the conversation. If you simply call to ask whether they have any positions available for someone with your skills, then you should expect them to respond by telling you to send your CV so they can enter it into their database. However, don’t expect that once they have your CV on their system that they will contact you when a position matching your skills and experience becomes available. It’s your job to continue to contact them and update them on your experience.

Also, you should keep an eye out for job ads that appear on a regular basis (once a month) that look similar. Recruiters will use this as a way to get new candidates to send their CVs even though there may not actually be a specific new position open at the time.

When contacting a recruiter or prospective employer, always keep notes on who you speak to, when you’ve spoken and what you’ve spoken about. This will help you to keep track of who’s who and will help you with your networking. When you’re sending off lots of applications, it’s easy to get confused when you suddenly receive a call from a recruiter and then can’t remember anything about the position you applied for!

Finally, remember that recruiters are human too. This means you should never call to introduce yourself on Monday mornings or Friday afternoons…the truth is that they will be wanting to get prepared for the week ahead or they’ll be focused on leaving the office to enjoy the weekend! Usually, the best time to call is between 10 to 11am or between 3 and 4pm.