Learn what you need to know about going to a BBQ (barbecue)

In Australia, it’s common for people to enjoy time together and relax at a BBQ.

BBQs can take place any time during the year but generally, they are held during the warmer months in spring and summer.

Sometimes people have a BBQ at their home but they can also be held in parks, at the beach or in other public places.

Most people wear casual clothes at a BBQ but sometimes, if it’s a special occasion such as a birthday, people can get dressed up.

Here’s an example of an invitation you may receive to a BBQ:

Hi! We’re having a BBQ this Friday night at Flagstaff Gardens. Please come along from 6 pm and bring a plate. See you there!

Depending on how you get the invitation, you should always reply and ask a few questions. Here are some examples of what you can write or say:

  • Great, I’d love to come! Is there anything I can bring?
  • Sounds fun! I’m a vegetarian though, so I can bring some stuff to put on the bbq.
  • Would you like me to bring a salad/some meat?
  • I could bring some dessert or a salad. What would you prefer?

Also, in Australia, when you go to a BBQ or to someone’s home it is normal to be asked to “bring a plate”. This means you should bring a dish that everyone can share. It can be anything you want and you should bring enough to share. It is also usual that you bring something that you want to drink e.g. soft drink, beer or wine.

Even when the person inviting you says that you don’t need to bring anything, you should always bring something small. You can offer a small fruit platter or some nibbles. Nibbles mean some potato chips, fresh vegetables and dips or some cheese and crackers. Nibbles are usually eaten before the main meal. Alternatively, if you’re going to someone’s home, you can bring some flowers or a potted plant.

Finally, when you go to a BBQ you may want to take a picnic blanket along with you. This means you can lay this on the grass to sit on while eating your food.