Learn about different employment types and get prepared to find a job

Before you start to look for a casual job in Australia, it’s important to understand the different types of employment that are available. These are known as Casual, Contract, Part Time and Permanent.

Casual Jobs are generally easy to find and offer low-paid work most often in the retail, hospitality, cleaning, manufacturing or construction sectors. Casual work is a temporary and flexible position with a company that has no set requirements beyond completing a specific project or set of tasks. This means that you can be given very little notice that your position is no longer required. It also means that if you’re not happy in the job or, you find another job then you can leave quickly.

Are you ready to look for a Casual Job? 

Before you start applying for jobs or contacting employers, you should know:

  • What days and hours you are available to work
  • What locations you can work in
  • What certificates or licenses you have e.g. valid driver’s license, RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol), Working with Children (WWC) etc
  • What rate of pay you will accept
  • What visa restrictions you have (if any)
  • What type of casual work you will/won’t do.

Many people who come to Australia with professional experience from overseas find it hard to get a job in their professional field quickly. This is because local employers want to hire people with local experience. Getting a casual job can be the best way to get started – it helps you pay the bills, get some local work experience, meet new people, develop soft skills and learn more about the Australian workplace.

Get prepared to find a Casual Job

Before you start to search for jobs, think about the different types of jobs you could do based on your previous work experience or educational background/qualifications. For example, if you’ve worked as a receptionist in a hotel, you may want to look for similar type of work. If you’ve never worked as a barista or waiter/waitress, you may want to start by getting a job as a kitchen hand before applying for waiter/waitress jobs. Also, you should know that being a barista in Australia is a highly competitive job. If it’s something that you want to do, consider taking a course here and then getting some experience by working in a small cafe.

The next step is to know where you can look to find a Casual Job. Casual jobs can be advertised in many places, here are some ideas to help you get started searching for a job:






These are mainly jobs working in hospitality.

Casual pay rates vary depending on the type of work you choose. You should know that most casual jobs pay per hour e.g. $28/hr. You will receive higher pay if you work on weekends and public holidays.

Before preparing your CV and Cover Letter, take time to explore the jobs available and think about what types of jobs interest you.