Causes of Environmental Problems

  • excessive emissions of greenhouse gases, e.g. carbon dioxide
  • climate change
  • chemical and industrial waste
  • toxic emissions from cars and planes
  • improper dumping of household waste
  • overuse of non-renewable fossil fuels e.g. coal
  • genetic modification
  • over-consumption / consumerism
  • over-urbanisation / urbanisation

Solutions to Environmental Problems

  • recycling
  • regular back burning in rural areas e.g. bushland / countryside
  • using renewable sources of energy, e.g. solar heating, wind-farms
  • replanting trees
  • cutting carbon emissions
  • cleaner waste disposal
  • sustainable consumption and development
  • buying products with less packaging
  • buying organic products
  • buying products made from recycled material / renewable sources
  • using natural remedies as alternative medicine