Common IELTS Speaking Test Questions – Part 1

To help you feel prepared for your IELTS Speaking Test, take time to think about your response to each of these questions. Then, try to write some brief notes to respond to each question. Think about the vocabulary you know for each topic and try to use the most appropriate words and phrases.

Tell me about/describe your favourite…..

1. Book 
2. Website 
3. Movie 
4. Musician/Band 
5. Restaurant 
6. Actor/Actress 
7. Building 
8. Museum/Gallery 
9. Place to visit in the town where you live 
10. Person 
11. Leisure activity 
12. Technological device 
13. Game 
14. Time of day 
15. Street 
16. Sport 
17. Food 
18. Colour 
19. Mode of travel 
20. TV show