Lesson 3 – STAR Method

To prepare effectively for your next situational interview, think about different situations you’ve been in either at work/Uni in the past, to help respond to each of the questions below. When you prepare your answer, try to follow the STAR method: Situation – describe the situation that you were in or the task you needed […]

Lesson 2 – Interview Preparation

Most people find interviews stressful. To help you feel more comfortable about your next interview, try to think about it as just a conversation with someone you’re meeting for the first time. If it goes well and you have things in common, you may meet them again. If not, that’s ok! You will always learn […]

Lesson 1 – Phone Interviews

To feel more confident in your next phone or video interview, write some answers to these common questions. You will then have time to practice (and improve) these during your class. Common phone/video interview questions are: What are you doing at the moment? Why is this job of interest to you? What skills can you […]

Preparing for an Interview?

Here are some Interview Preparation Tips to help you: Before your interview Read the Position Description carefully – underline the key words and skills they require. Research the company and individuals – use the company website and LinkedIn to learn about their people, company values, key projects and recent news stories. Think about the role […]