New Year. New You.


Never before have I felt so excited about what the future holds. There is so much I want to do today to make this world an even better place.

I hope that as one year passes and a new one starts for you, that you are feeling the same passion and energy to do the same.

This week, I’ve loved hearing from so many people about their fantastic Ielts and PTE results and I really enjoyed catching up with past clients in Sydney last weekend. It’s been great hearing about your new jobs and adventures as well as some of the challenges you’re facing and how you intend to overcome these.

I know that some of you are now waiting to obtain your professional recognition and permanent residency so I wish you luck and I know you will do what you can to continue achieving your dreams.

Over the holidays, several clients also moved interstate to Perth, Canberra and Brisbane. I wish you all lots of luck in your new jobs. Please keep in touch with your news!

What continues to strike me every day is just how fortunate I am to be constantly surrounded by such highly motivated and determined people from all over the world. It’s exciting being part of a community where everyone is so committed to living their dream and building meaningful lives far away from the security of home, friends and family.

This week I learned something new about flamingos. They fly and feed together in groups and thrive in a community environment.

My hope for this year is for us to realise that in order to achieve success we need to challenge ourselves in everything that we do and recognise that we also need to support, encourage, inspire and challenge each other.

As we approach Australia Day, I hope you can all enjoy a day off with family or friends in the celebration of this wonderful place called Australia!


P.S. If lack of time is stopping you from achieving your goals, next week we will be sharing details of some great time-saving apps. If you’ve any you want to share, let me know.