My Christmas Wish!

It’s true that Christmas is a time of giving but, as we approach the end of this year, it seems that everyone’s feeling the same…under pressure and very stressed out! So, what would happen if the present we all gave each other was simply, being present?

A present  – “A thing given to someone as a gift.”

To be present – “Being fully there.”

When we are present we are in the moment, we are not distracted by our phone, challenges we have at home or at work. We give our full attention and concentration to what we are doing, whether it is work, a conversation or just some quiet time for ourselves. It shows respect for the people that we are engaged with, whether they are co-workers, family or friends.

We’re living in a time where 1 in 7 primary school kids and 1 in 5 adults experience mental health problems. Add to this, the fact that debt levels are higher than ever before, environmental issues are wreaking havoc on societies across the globe, the number of homeless is out of control and advances in technology are causing people to have to live life faster than they can actually keep up with.

So, I’ve decided that my Christmas wish this year is to give the people I love and care about the time and attention they deserve rather than over-packaged, overpriced items which will be forgotten about before we’ve even rung in the new year . That way, I can also give more generously to those children and adults who are truly in need of a special treat or gift.

Here’s to making this Christmas and new year a happier one for everyone!

Have a great week.