It’s time to celebrate!

Time to celebrate

I’d like to recognise all your hard work and effort in 2017 as this has made my year really enjoyable and rewarding.

This year has been very exciting as many past and current clients have received great new job opportunities, some have received PR, some have found love and some got married, many have had beautiful new babies and some have been able to buy new homes.

I love hearing about all of these great successes and that’s why I continue supporting ambitious, new migrants who want to build meaningful lives in Australia. I’m also aware of the sacrifices, frustrations and difficulties that some have faced and hope that I, and others in this and other communities, can give support to help them get the outcomes they want.

Over the next year, I have some exciting plans which include running a series of workshops nationally to support the increasing numbers of people who choose to come to Australia. Also, I’ll continue to build close partnerships with more companies to make it quicker for clients with overseas experience to find meaningful work here.

But, for now, I feel grateful to you for supporting me this year and I can’t wait to return to work in 2018 after a well-earned break with my family.

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2018!

P.S. Hope to see you on 6 Jan! Remember, family and friends are all very welcome.