Don’t panic! Take action today.


Every week, the most common questions we get asked are, “What can I do to improve my IELTS/PTE score?” and “Should I book another test?”

We understand that if you’re studying for your IELTS or PTE you have a deadline, a limited budget and a need to achieve specific results.

However, before you make a booking for your next Test, take a moment and write down the results you expect to get. Be careful, don’t just write the scores you want to get! Be completely honest with yourself and only write down what you expect to get based on the preparation you’ve done so far.

Now, imagine how you would feel if you received your Test Report form with these results. Would you feel happy or frustrated?

Before you register and pay for your next Test, make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving the results you need. Get started today and make it happen!