Do you feel stuck with your English?


If you need some help and motivation with your English study, here are some ways to improve your skills and confidence.

To get started:

  • Listen to some interesting talks from TED and once you’ve finished, try to write a few sentences about what you’ve heard.
  • Watch a show or documentary (without subtitles) on BBC, ABC or Netflix and afterwards, write a short summary to explain what the show or documentary was about.
  • Read an article from your favourite newspaper, website or magazine. Then, write a sentence or two to explain what you’ve read and give your opinion on the article.
  • Take a few minutes to think about how you would introduce yourself to a new friend or colleague at work. Try to write a few sentences about yourself, your background, interests and experience and remember to add as much description as possible. Then, practice reading what you’ve written out loud. Finally, practice saying it without looking at any notes.

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Good luck!

P.S. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today  – Benjamin Franklin