Study habits of highly successful test takers!

If you missed last week’s FREE online Lunch & Learn session, here’s a summary of what we talked about.

What can you do today to get motivated to study?

  • Set yourself a clear goal.
  • Know how to structure and track your study time.
  • Create a Weekly Planner.
  • Focus on Tasks not Time.
  • Create a Reward System.

Tips for creating a Weekly Planner:

  1. Start by blocking out time when you have your weekly commitments or activities (non-study activities) e.g. work, exercise, family, social etc.
  2. Fit your study in around the stuff you enjoy doing. Remember that you won’t stick to your plan 100% of the time!
  3. Make your plan visible by putting it on the fridge, on your bedroom door or even on your phone/laptop.
Weekly Planner Example

Tip to help you be successful:

  1. Identify the big tasks you need to complete to achieve your goal, then break these into smaller tasks and assign a time to each of them and prioritise them. Add these tasks into your planner.
  2. Make a list of activities you can do in your short breaks. Break up your study and allocate time for short breaks between tasks.
  3. Make a list of the different things distracting you and think about what you could do in each situation. Practice your English by writing some sentences like this …
    1.  When I am distracted by …….., I can do…..
  4. Install an anti-procrastination App e.g. Stay Focused, Help Me Focus or Forest.
  5. Work with a study buddy, a partner or friend to help make the experience more enjoyable.
  6. Create a Reward System to help you. Make a list of different rewards and add these into your Weekly Planner e.g. watching a movie, taking a day off studying, having a 30 min walk in the sunshine or chatting to a friend etc.

Good luck!

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