Need to improve your IELTS Writing score quickly? Find out how Lili did it.

Meet Lili… she’s a smart woman who’s been living and working in Melbourne for a few years while also raising her two beautiful children. She’s been studying for her IELTS Academic for a while and needed to achieve 7 in each band. In her previous test she only got 6.5 so she didn’t want to take the test again until she knew she had a good chance of getting the score. She just got her results and guess what…she scored 7 in writing! Find out how she did it…

What did Lili do to prepare for the Writing Test?

First, she completed a FREE writing assessment. In the feedback that we provided, we explained that she needed to improve her structure, grammatical accuracy and vocabulary.

Then, Lili attended an IELTS Writing Masterclass where she learned how to manage her time effectively and had time to practice planning both tasks, using a logical structure. Then, we suggested that she spend some time reviewing and completing specific grammar concepts before completing a reviewed practice test.

At this point, we could see a big improvement in her grammatical accuracy so, we suggested that she now turn her focus to improving her vocabulary. We told her that a quick way to do this was by spending 10 mins every day reading and/or listening to news stories in English and then spending 5-10 mins writing a short summary about each item. Lili said, “I found this exercise really interesting because it helped me to expand my vocabulary and use of expressions in different situations.”

Lili completed another 3 reviewed practice tests before she spent her time and hard-earned money on taking another IELTS Test. She is so happy that she’s now achieved her goal as it will allow her to apply for PR which will benefit her and her family.

If you need to achieve a better score and need some extra support, get in touch for a chat or, complete a FREE writing assessment and receive feedback to help you learn what you need to improve to achieve the score you need.