Hot tips to help you increase your IELTS Writing Test Score

We often get asked by people if we have hot tips on how to get better results in IELTS, PTE or getting a better job.

In our experience this varies from person to person, however there are some common things that benefit everyone, so we’ve decided to run a series of blog posts with our top three tips, and hopefully it’ll make a difference to you. We’ll start off with the IELTS Writing test, so be sure you check back soon for more top tips.

Top 3 Tips to help you increase your IELTS Writing Test Score

  1. Always take time to underline keywords in the Writing Test questions and look carefully at the direction words in the essay questions.
  1. Learn how to use your time efficiently in the Writing Test so that you don’t have to think and write at the same time. Once you practice using an effective planning process you’ll have more time to check your work. This will increase your score and help you feel more confident on Test Day.
  1. Practice, practice, practice! If you’ve not received the score you need don’t just book another test and hope to get a different score. To get a different result you’ll probably need to change something. Get a review of your writing and receive feedback to help you understand why you’re not achieving the score you need. Then, plan your time carefully so that whenever you study you can feel certain that you’re doing activities that will help increase your score.