If you’re feeling frustrated with IELTS you’re not alone.

Getting a high score in the IELTS Writing Test can be hard. By focusing on improving your planning skills you can achieve the scores you need.

As you’ll probably know by now just being good at English is not always enough to get a high score in IELTS, you also need to understand how the test works and what the examiners want.
Getting feedback about what you need to improve can help you increase your score but also doing more focused practice will help make a difference.
One of our clients, Geraldine, a French Teacher from Mauritius, said: “I’d taken so many Academic IELTS tests and never had time to check my writing.”
When Geraldine completed her writing assessment we could quickly see that she was writing too much and not always providing a clear answer to the question. We showed her how to plan more effectively and then gave her plenty of opportunity to practice these skills. She started by doing several short plans and within a short time period she progressed to writing full essays which she also had time to check.
After receiving her results she told us: “It was such a great feeling on Test Day, I actually had time to finish my writing tasks and review my spelling and grammar mistakes. I could have never done it without the support and encouragement you gave me. Achieving high scores means I can finally continue my studies in Australia.”