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If you’re finding it hard to get 7 in your IELTS writing test, you’re not alone.

Many people receive a score of 6 or 6.5 and simply take the test over and over again hoping to eventually improve and get a 7. As you may know, this is expensive, frustrating and can make you lose your confidence.

To increase your score you first need to understand what you’re doing wrong, then make the required changes and finally, practice the new techniques. Believe it or not, your spelling and grammar mistakes may not be your main problem!

Imagine you wanted to run a marathon (42km) and you’ve only ever been able to run a maximum distance of 20km. You decide to train everyday by running for 1 hour but on the day of the marathon you still can’t run more than 30km. So, you decide to register for another marathon which is taking place a month later. Would you continue to do the same training as before or would you consider making a change to get a different result?

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