Do you need help staying motivated until your next IELTS Test?

If you’d planned to take your IELTS Test but can’t due to Stage 4 Restrictions, here are some quick tips to help you stay focused and continue improving your English:

  • Complete a FREE Writing Assessment to learn what you need to improve – https://gettingahead.com.au/courses/free-resources/
  • Create a weekly planner – identify the time you have available to study, the times when you study most effectively, the specific tasks that you need to complete and then, produce a weekly plan which includes small and big rewards
  • Find a study buddy or someone who will hold you accountable to make sure that you do what you say you’re going to do each day…remember, you’re human so it’s ok if you only keep to your plan 70% of the time.
  • Make improving your English part of your daily routine – in the same way as you may go out for a walk or cycle each day, make sure to practice something every day to improve your English. Choose a TED talk to listen to when you walk, listen to some songs in English, do a workout using “PopSugar Fitness” on YouTube, read an article about something you enjoy, watch a series or a movie without subtitles and try to see if you can understand the story. There are so many ways to improve your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation, grammar etc but it’s important that you choose things that you enjoy and make you happy.
  • Mix up your learning and have fun – one of the most important ways to continue enjoying your study is to vary what you do. It’s ok to focus on listening or reading one day and then speaking and writing the next day. You can also choose to spend some days being passive and just enjoying activities such as watching a TV series with subtitles but, on other days being more active by writing down new words/phrases or reading an article and writing a short paragraph afterwards with your opinion on the topic.  If you enjoy cooking for example, you may want to create 2-min videos describing what you’re going to cook. Then, listen to your video and see if you can hear any mistakes…can you improve your pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar?
  • Want some more ideas? Have a look at: https://gettingahead.com.au/english-test-preparation/lockdown-2-0-language-tips/

Stay well and make sure to reward yourself!