It’s true, we’re all guilty of complaining about how busy we are (including me) but the truth is that highly successful people have the same number of hours’ in the day as you and I. The point is, if we really want to achieve something then, we have to commit to it.

Last Friday night, I received the following text message from Natali:

I am so happy!!!!! I got what I needed. 9 Listening, 8.5 Reading and 7 in Speaking and Writing.

Thank you soooo much for all your help!! You cannot imagine how grateful I am. I am so excited  🙂 🙂

Natali only started preparing for her test 2 weeks’ beforehand but she made a study plan and spent a few hours every day practicing for her test and identifying what she still needed to do to improve further. It was worth it!

Taking an English Test such as IELTS or PTE is expensive so make sure that you give yourself the best chance of success. Plan ahead and commit to it.

Every morning when I see my favourite barista, Ngoc, she tells me about her latest running achievement. She registered to run this year’s Melbourne Marathon as she has never run a whole one before. She started her training months ago and is currently only able to run 31km (3/4 of the full distance). She has her own business and a family too so she has to carefully plan out her training times to make sure she can achieve her goal.

Whether it’s a marathon or an English Test you’re preparing for, it requires time and a huge amount of commitment but the reward is massive.

Go for it! 

Speak to you soon.