Everyday English Speaking Pack

Everyday English Speaking Pack
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This program is designed to give you more practice speaking about various topics in English so that you can build your confidence and identify what aspects of your English you need to focus on to become more fluent in everyday life.

What does the class include?

The 30-min class is designed as follows:

  1. Warm-up conversation – to help you start thinking and speaking in English.
  2. Topic-related questions – to help you improve speaking about a range of different topics in English.
  3. Discussion – to help you feel more confident explaining your ideas and opinions in English.
  4. Feedback and pronunciation practice – to help you become aware of your mistakes and learn how to improve your pronunciation and fluency.

After each session you will receive audio clips to help you practice your pronunciation and written notes with feedback from your class. If you are preparing for an English Test such as IELTS or PTE, this is a good choice!