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Learn with Rio” – Online is a program designed to help you or your child learn basic English vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation and writing skills in a fun and engaging way through a puppy called Rio, who loves to learn and play. It includes 10 English writing activities that can be sent for correction and feedback.

The program covers the following topics:

  1. Family – learn how to introduce yourself, describe where you come from and the different members of your family.
  1. Time – learn how to describe time, days of the week, seasons and months of the year.
  1. Hometown – learn how to describe where you live and what you like to do there.
  1. Food – learn how to describe what you like to eat and what you don’t like.
  1. Sport – learn how to describe some of the activities you like to do to stay fit and healthy.
  1. Health – learn how to describe different parts of your body and how to explain if you have a problem with a part of your body.
  1. Free Time – learn to describe some of the activities you like to do in your free time.
  1. Entertainment – learn how to describe some of your favourite TV shows, films and websites.
  1. Travel – learn how to describe different types of transport.
  1. Course Review – review all the important vocabulary, check your understanding and see how much you have improved.

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