IELTS Speaking Test Practice (10-pack)

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We offer private 30 minute classes with a native English speaker to help you practice and prepare for your Speaking Test. Each class includes a full practice IELTS Speaking Test, English pronunciation and accent softening support and personalised feedback about areas you need to improve. Feeling well-prepared can help you speak more confidently on Test Day and this will help increase your score.

How does it work?

Classes take place online (via Zoom, WeChat , Skype or WhatsApp ) at a time that’s convenient to you. All class times are Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Classes run for 30 minutes and focus on improving your English fluency and grammatical accuracy to help you increase your IELTS Speaking Test score.

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given if you need to make any changes to your class time.

What does the class include?

The class is designed as follows:

  1. General warm-up conversation (3 mins) – to help you start thinking and speaking in English.
  2. IELTS Speaking Test (11-14 mins)- to help you improve speaking under pressure about a range of different topics .
  3. Feedback and pronunciation practice (10-12 mins) – to help you become aware of your mistakes & learn how to improve your test score, vocab, pronunciation and fluency.

You will receive written notes after each class.