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If you’re ready to commit to your career, this 10-step strategic job search process helps you learn how the job market really works, how you can present yourself confidently for positions that meet your goals and how you can achieve results using proven tools and resources. Register and get started today. 

Your Commit to your Career – Success Program includes:

  • An introductory 15-min session – to review your current CV, understand your personal situation and discuss what success looks like for you.
  • 30-min goal setting discussion – to share your Self-Reflection workbook and set a clear success strategy.
  • Support with preparing a strategic job search using the Job Tracker tool and weekly 15-min career support sessions to review your progress.
  • An improved CV and Cover Letter – to meet the requirements of the positions that interest you, with 100% accurate and professional English.
  • LinkedIn recommendations – to help you appear as a true professional.
  • 15-min practice phone interview – to ensure you feel prepared once employers or recruiters contact you as the first stage of the recruitment process. 
  • 30-min practice professional interview (online) – including tips to help you improve and feel confident.
  • 15-min career development session – after you’ve completed 1 month in your new job. 
  • Access to the 10-step job search process platform with professional resources, proven to achieve results.
  • Opportunities to evaluate your progress, discuss challenges and ask all your job search questions – and get answers from an experienced industry professional.
  • Opportunities to practice your online meeting communication to help you feel more confident at every stage of the job search process.

My goal is to support you so that what you do every day helps move you a step closer to your next job!