Are you considering a Career Transition?

At different stages of our lives and for different reasons, we need to change what we do for work. Perhaps you’re in a job and considering moving internally to a different area or, it could be that you’re looking at moving into a different type of role at a different organisationa or even, you’re transitioning […]

Want to feel more confident in your next job interview?

Here are some tips to help you: Do your research – prepare in advance by reading the Position Description carefully. Make sure to underline keywords or skills they require. Research the company, individuals working there and the company values – use the company website and LinkedIn. Prepare for common interview questions – write some answers […]

Study habits of highly successful IELTS test takers!


What can you do today to get motivated to study? Set yourself a clear goal. Know how to structure and track your study time. Create a Weekly Planner. Focus on Tasks, not Time. Create a Reward System.   Tips for creating a Weekly Planner: Start by blocking out time when you have your weekly commitments […]

Tips to help you feel less anxious in your IELTS Speaking Test


Do you get nervous in interviews, even when you’re speaking in your own language? You’ll not be surprised to hear that many people find the IELTS Speaking Test challenging for several reasons: It can be scary just being in a room, face to face with another person. The topics can be strange and it can […]

Is your Job Search getting you the results you want?


Are you wondering why you’re not getting more interviews? There could be a few reasons. It could be that: You’re applying to jobs where your background, skills and experience don’t meet the requirements. Your Cover Letter/CV/LinkedIn Profile don’t make it easy for employers or recruiters to easily find the information they need. Your Cover Letter/CV/LinkedIn […]